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In 2002, Harvest Church hosted the very first Celebrate Freedom at Castlerock Park in Billings as a "no strings attached" gift to the city. With our roots being lemonade, carnival foods and various free activities, a few years later we added our favorite element, professional fireworks. Some might think that a church would never host a "real" fireworks show, but we prove them wrong every single year! It's as big as any big-city show.

Over the course of time, Celebrate Freedom has become an epic event for families of the Yellowstone Valley and beyond. We are proud of our volunteers and staff as each year we celebrate the freedoms we have in the USA by serving up new family memories, sugar comas and a dazzling fireworks display!

If the event has been off your radar, the cat's out of the bag now. Get decked out in your favorite patriotic tank top and join us for another year of Celebrate Freedom!


We're here to make a difference. We strive to be the kind of church that makes a real, practical difference in the lives of the surrounding community, whether they attend Harvest or not. "Community Focused" is one of our core values.
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