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Thank you for your interest in serving the community through a donation of goods, services and/or funding. In return, your company will enjoy exposure to a massive crowd, as well as affiliation with a beloved charitable event.

Harvest Church proudly works with various community partners to pull this off and would look forward to working with you as well. The benefits of joining Celebrate Freedom as a partner are two-fold:


1) You participate in giving a charitable gift to the community of Billings and Yellowstone Valley.


2) Your business gets exposure to over 10,000 people.

Please recognize that this event will not put your business in a profitable position. We require all activities to be free and all retail or food to be inexpensive or free to make all items accessible to everyone in attendance. If you believe the exposure benefits may outweigh the desire to make profits, let's continue the conversation! Contact Katrina Hickle, Director of Celebrate Freedom at

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